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HITHA Board of Directors

The following are the Current Board of Directors of HITHA:


  1. Santha Kumari Mondithoka (Academic Dean, HITHA) – President from January 2017
  2. Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka (Director, HITHA and a Visiting Professor at SABC, SAIACS, and other Seminaries) - General Secretary/Managing Trustee/CEO
  3. Peter Prince (A software professional working with a bank) – Member (from Dec. 2015)
  4. Rishi Paul Pendurti (Working with a Multinational Company and also serving as Adjunct Faculty in NT at HITHA) – Treasurer (from the 31st of January, 2017)
  5. Subhashini (an IIT Graduate and home maker) – Member (from March 2016)
  6. Raja Sekhar Addanki (with 10 years of experience in TV Media and now working with an Edu Tech Company as Director for Strategy and Communication) – Member (from November 22, 2016)


The Following are Former Members of the HITHA Board:


  • Dr. Augustine Pagolu (Teaching OT at a Seminary, Indonesia) – President until his demise in December 2016 (one of the three pioneers and founding members of the trust)
  • K. John Vikram (Retired IRS Officer/Income Tax Department) – Treasurer (from Dec. 2015 till January 2017 – retired early because of personal reasons)
  • Dr. S. Jeya Raju (Professor at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad) - Treasurer
  • Dr. Shobha Paul (Teaching at a Medical College, Hyderabad) - Treasurer
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Songa (a Physician, Hyderabad) - Member
  • Dr. Joseph Prabhakar Dayam (Teaching Theology at UTC, Bangalore) - Member
  • Ratna Babu Merigala (GM-Finance, BSNL, Hyderabad) - Member
  • Dr. Siraj Pitta (formerly a Reader in Chemistry and currently an Evangelist-Bible Teacher based in Vijayawada) - Member