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Admissions Overview

All our programs are meant for university graduates except for the Certificate in Christian Studies (for more on it, see below). In this sense, it is basically a graduate institute. So, all aspiring candidates must have an undergraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. They must have fairly good knowledge of English because all instruction will be in English and because our programs involve academic rigor and writing essays for most of the courses except languages like Hebrew and Greek. Exams requiring repeat of information learned in the classes will not be the norm. Therefore, reading academic books and journals and reflecting on them would normally be required.

However, we do like to offer a basic program for adult learners who have no formal education or had no opportunity to go through a university, but have a passion for God’s Word and his ministry.


Classes and Credit Hours

A credit hour is a measuring unit for the number of class hours spent per week studying a given subject. Typically a subject may be assigned 1.5, 2, 3, or 4 credits depending on the scope and purpose of study. Thus a 1.5 credit course may be studied in one session of two hours per week for 8 weeks. In other words, a person taking a 1.5 credit course will need to attend classes once a week for 8 weeks, and a person taking 3 credit course would attend classes once a week for 16 weeks. If someone likes to take two courses simultaneously, such a person will need to attend classes twice a week plus the number of weeks assigned for each course.

Typically, working professionals will be able to take two courses simultaneously depending upon their ability and time available at hand. Any one who takes up to 9 credits or more in a semester would be considered a full-time student.

Academic Year/Semester

Our academic year would follow a normal school academic year in order to coincide our holidays with that of the schools’ so that parents and working professionals would be able to spend their time with their families and children. Thus, an academic year will be divided into two semesters- that is June to October and November to April. But aspiring students can join courses at any time of the year provided one joins from the start date of the course. Although the semester begins in June or November not all courses begin on the same day. Depending on the availability of lecturers and the classrooms the courses start within a week or two from the beginning of the semester.

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